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Voluntary Student Unionism Roundup
For decades, the academic left has had its way with compulsory student unionism. As a university student for 10 years, I had to pay student union fees even if I didn't take part in any of the union provided services. Sadly, as I was neither a repressed minority, nor a socialist or greenie, many of the provided services just didnt apply to me.

Now that the liberals have the power in government, they have pushed through legislation to make student unionism voluntary. And you can hear the screaming from the left for miles around. In fact, many of these enlightened purveyors of forced association are turning downright nasty, with vandals defacing and trying to intimidate those who supported the decision. Barnaby Joyce is also unhappy at the result.

Tim Blair also has some comments. My favorites would be
The government’s move to scrap compulsory student unions is totally driven by ideology, according to Michelle Grattan. And compulsory unionism wasn’t?
Of course, Tim. Don't you know that the left's ideology is the default ideology that should be accepted without questioning?
Sydney University’s vice-chancellor Gavin Brown’s pithy reaction. The student unionism bill’s passage, he said, “is a temporary victory for the rednecked philistines that will damage Australia’s reputation internationally”.

From now on we’ll be known as the country that doesn’t compel students to join unions. Imagine the shame!
Indeed. Freedom of association in a civilized country? What a travesty!

Of course, if you want to see the mentality of those who want to force people to join a student union, you have no further to look than the comments of Robert Nicholas, education officer for the Queensland branch of the National Student Union who said that
the vandalism of Senator Fielding's office was a legitimate expression of students' anger at the bill.

"He has made himself a political target by voting for the legislation so he'll have to live with the consequences"
So when you don't get your way, remember it is okay to break the law.
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