Grey Thoughts
Values for the Future
With the new year upon us, I think the lack of good values in our society needs to be reversed in order to reverse the trend of divorce, abortion, anger and abandonment. I believe people need to learn (and teach their children) to

1) Live up to responsibilities first
- Be faithful to your spouse, in action as well as thought
- Look after your kids, even if it means self-sacrifice
- Treat everyone with respect, even if they don't give you respect
- Treat yourself with respect, even if it means giving up short term pleasure
- Protect those who can't protect themselves, even if it puts you in harms way
- Work to support yourself, be a blessing not a burden

2) Accept imperfection
- You aren't perfect, but always look to improve
- Others aren't perfect, be ready to show grace and forgive
- Look for and encourage the best in others

3) Seek passionately for the truth
- Pleasure is a by-product of life, not it's purpose
- The big questions are important, know what you belief and why you belief it
- Never be afraid to question your beliefs, for if they are true, they will stand up to scrutiny
- There is no security in living a lie, the comfort will be short lived
- Don't just seek the truth, speak the truth, to yourself and others
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