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South Korean Cloning Faked
It's official. South Korean doctor Hwang Woo Suk admitted to a colleague that the majority of his famous paper's data regarding human embryo cloning published in Science earlier this year was in fact "fake."

Finally, Glen Reynolds, thinks this is 'bad news'. Of course, Glen should of realised that the study was on shaky grounds after the good doctor broke ethical rules for egg donation, which he didn't think was a 'big deal'. However, due to his progress at any cost morality, Glen was blind to the simple fact that people who are not faithful in the little ethical details are often not faithful in the big ones either.

It's the same sort of myopia we see on the left who think a president who can't be faithful to his wife will be faithful to his office. It may the case the he will, but I sure wouldn't have confidence in it.
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