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RU-486 Truths Starting to Appear
The Annals of Pharmacotherapy and Eureka Alerts have news about just how unsafe the abortion pill, RU-486 (mifepristone) really is. The results of adverse effects reviwed over the past 4 years by the authors were
RESULTS: The most frequent AERs were hemorrhage (n = 237) and infection (66). Hemorrhages included 1 fatal, 42 life threatening, and 168 serious cases; 68 required transfusions. Infections included 7 cases of septic shock (3 fatal, 4 life threatening) and 43 cases requiring parenteral antibiotics. Surgical interventions were required in 513 cases (235 emergent, 278 nonemergent). Emergent cases included 17 ectopic pregnancies (11 ruptured). Second trimester viability was documented in 22 cases (9 lost to follow-up, 13 documented fetal outcome). Of the 13 documented cases, 9 were terminated without comment on fetal morphology, 1 was enrolled in fetal registry, and 3 fetuses were diagnosed with serious malformations, suggesting a malformation rate of 23%
The authors also go on to suggest that many other cases are unreported concluding that
AERs relied upon by the FDA to monitor mifepristone’s postmarketing safety are grossly deficient due to extremely poor quality.

The abortion lobby has used it's muscle to push this pill into public use without proper testing. Once again, the victims of the abortion lobby are not just the innocent unborn, but also the women involved. This really highlights how the lobby doesn't really care about abortion, but are interested in simply achieving their own agenda.
(HT: Creation Safaris)
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