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With the undeniable facts of limited resources and near limitless needs, you will always have to have some criteria for not providing health care to people. It seems the UK is finally realising this.

Those wacky evolutionists are at it again. With the Fordham Foundation Flunky statistics in an attempt to show that any US state that do not support philosophical naturalism and evolution as fact are producing badly prepared science students. Mike Gene shows how badly they mangle things.

It seems Ethiopia is going to have it's own ocean. (Buy property now for ocean views?) Contrary to conventional, billions of years type wisdom, an eight metre fissure 60km in length has appeared in the ground in only 3 weeks. Who would of thought such massive changes could happen so quickly? (Okay, no points for guessing. It's too easy!)

Also contrary to conventional (mass media) wisdom, it seems that a significant majority of Iraqi's are happy with their lives, think the situation is improving and feel safe. Just don't tell the screaming left.

Read this story of Victoria Ruvulo, a woman who forgave the attacker who disfigured her. It is an inspiring display of Christian grace.

I have recently found a stash of cartoons highlighting the irrationality of the pro choice movement. Enjoy!

Just in case you missed it with all the main stream media coverage, Palestinian President Abbas has approved government funding for families of suicide bombers.

James Lileks has a fantastic, sarcastic review of the big events of 2005. My personal favorite 'Pope John Paul II dies. To the horror of many, his successor turns out to be Catholic.' Heh. Check it out.

The human body is both incredibly fragile and amazingly resilient. I'm am not sure I would call this a miracle, but it has to come close.

The violence in Sydney died down a lot last night, but an Anglican church was vandalised and a Uniting church was burnt down. Hopefully the police will continue to control the area and deal with the root problems. Professor Bunyip also has some more on responses to the violence.

Still on the Syndey violence, I found it very strange that in this article the author claims that “Multiculturalism doesn’t work” is a racial slur. Maybe I am missing something?
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