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Impossible Political Correctness
Political Correctness (PC) has gone over the top. Earlier this year, PC minded banks in Britian removed piggy banks because they could offend Muslims. Yesterday, the paper has reported that a Western Australian Hospital has removed ham and bacon and made the entire menu Halal in order to avoid offending Muslim patients.

You have to wonder why the hospital has only made the menu Halal. What about those traditional Catholics who don't eat meat on fridays, or during all of Lent? Or the Hindu who don't eat beef? Or how about those ritualistic Pontoo's who only eat vegetables that have been cooked in lambs milk? (Yes, I made that last one up, but you get the idea).

It is easily forseeable that, based on competing religous dietary rules, there is no food that can cater to all religious groups. Does this mean that PC hospitals will suddenly implode in a severe bout of sanity? Until then, we have the joy of an Australian hospital that has decided to follow Muslim dietary law for all it's patients, not just the Muslim ones.
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