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Cronulla and a Clash of Civilizations
For those who have not been in Outer Mongolia for the past week, there have been fairly large riots in Cronulla, NSW, Australia.
Tim Blair has a great roundup of all the news on the topic. What I am amazed at, is that Lebanese and Middle Eastern thugs have been terrorizing the beach for a long time, and yet we hear nothing. Finally, when they step over the (even worse) line and beat up some life-savers, it ticks off enough people that they have to take the law into their own hands (thanks to police inaction over the last few years). NOW, we have the media screaming racism.

On top of this, apparently one of the middle eastern guys who was hurt actually challenged the crowd to a fight? Truly the mind boggles.

Note that I don't condone rioting, but police inaction has led to this fracas, and because of that I see little other alternative to what is currently happening.
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