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Some interesting news has been about that relates to the creation evolution controversy.

More dating problems are coming to light now where 'alleged' human footprints are being dated at over 1,000,000 years old. This causes great problems as humans were not meant to be around at that time. Of course, the original discoverers found that the age of the footprints was around 40,000 years old via carbon dating. Whilst this was older than other human footprints, it wasn't controversial enough for anyone to question whether they were human footprints. Now that we have this new date, we have people being very skeptical that they are human. Of course, no one seems to be noticing how the different dating methods did not agree with each other. So this finding casts double doubt on dating methods as it shows they don't agree with each other and that by the evolutionists own time reckoning, the prints are too old.

A fairly ardent evolutionist, Michael Rose, is proclaiming evolutions power in being to vastly extend the lifespan of people. Based on his work on fruit flies, he feels that we should be able to extend our lifespan to 200 years and he feels that there is no real biological limit to age (Biblical ages anyone?). Who knows how much this can really translate to human life span though?

And finally, it seems that gene complexity is no measure of evolution. 'Higher' organisms are often less complex than 'lower' organisms. From the article
t stands to reason that the more genetically complex an organism is, the loftier its place on the evolutionary tree
and further on
"The genomic complexity of ... cnidarians is much greater than expected," says John Finnerty, an evolutionary biologist at Boston University. "There is no simple relationship between the numbers of genes an animal possess and its complexity at the morphological level."
So much for evolutionary theory? This has been a certain tenant in tree building for years. Another failed evidence of evolution.
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