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Bias Against Israel
Sometimes, I am just amazed and flabbergasted at how bad and biased people can be. Talking to friends about Israel, I get the impression that they have learned all about the 'horrible' nation from their university lecturers. That's never a good thing. Whilst I am sure there is plenty to be unhappy at Israel for, I just don't see any real balance in opinions.

For instance, the UN. The top 5 countries subject to human rights criticism by the UN in 2004 were, in order, Israel, Sudan, The Democratic Republic and Congo, and (tied) Cote d'Ivoire and United States of America.

Not Syria, Zimbabwe, Iran or China.

Israel is the target of 30% of the resolutions passed by the General Assembly every year. Thankfully though, some politicians are starting to speak out about this. Israel also has been denied full membership in it's regional group. What is the deal with this? Israel is also the only country to have a special standing body to 'investigate Israelie Practices affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories'

To top it all off, the media is also unfriendly to Israel. The latest being a poor example of journalism where the headline 'Israeli Suicide Bomber Kills 5' refers to a suicide bombing by a Palestinian. The news report went out on monday and still has not been corrected. If they do finally correct the headline, Justify This has a screen shot.

In other UN News, they have apparently held a "Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People" where a map was proudly displayed with Israel removed and attendees were encouraged to "observe a minute of silence in memory of all those who have given their lives for the cause of the Palestinian people". Such as all the suicide bombers???
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