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Winning the fight against abortion
World Magazine has an article commenting on a PBS documentary about how the state of Mississippi only has one abortion clinic left. The PBS documentary of course is aghast at such a terrible thing. They should take comfort that there are least more abortion clinics in Mississippi than there are unbiased documentaries on PBS.

The documentary recounts how pro-life activists have managed to get the state into such a state by the following

Clearly, even without criminalising abortion, there is much that can be done.
No surprise PBS did this documentary. Earlier this year, Anna Quindlen wrote an editorial in Newsweek implying that Mississippi's one abortion clinic was the reason for many of the state's problems. I was shocked and appalled.

When Bill Clinton was running for president, he said that abortion should be "safe, legal, and rare." Sounds like Mississippi is trying to follow the Clinton doctrine.
Indeed. You have to wonder why so many on that side of the spectrum oppose things that would make it safe, legal and rare such as proper medical facilities being required....
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