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Terror Threat in Brisbane
The Courier Mail is reporting that all public transport in Brisbane, QLD has been shutdown and all stations have been evacuated. The Lord Mayor is expected to make a statement soon.

Sketchy details. Will keep this post updated as more comes in.

It seems some buses are running out of the city, as my housemate managed to catch one at 12.30pm. Perhaps more information has come in and so some public transport has been allowed to start up again.

Update 2: The Courier Mail article has been updated to indicate that bus and train services are now up and running again. The Lord Mayor is no longer going to make a statement, but Premier Beattie is goign to make one at 1.30pm.

Update 3: ABC News has finally gotten something up on this and they have extra information.

An anonymous caller rang police and said there was a bomb or bombs on one or more trains. Plus another report came in that 4 buses may contain bombs as well. The Courier Mail has also said it was confirmed than an anonymous caller had made threats against the public transport system today.

Update 4:
Have heard from a government worker friend that the buses and trains may be stopped from 4:45pm till 5:15pm this arvo. That should cause chaos with the roads. The Brisbane City Council website also says this stoppage is happening.
ouch... hope you're all ok in brissie.
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