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Swedish Pastor Acquitted of Hate Speech
Swedish Pastor, Ake Green, has been acquitted by the Swedish Supreme Court on charges of hate speech for his talking about homosexuality as immoral and unhealthy for society.

In related news the Boston Archbishop, Sean O'Malley, has written a pastoral letter against not speaking out on homosexuality. He said we would be deceiving people if we did not say homosexual acts (and any other sexual acts outside of marriage) are sinful. And that we need to deliver our message with compassion and humility.

In marked contrast to what some people in Sweden are saying, the Archbishop makes it very clear that it is because we love people that we cannot accept their behaviour.

The full text of the Archbishop's letter is available here. It is should be mandatory reading for all Christians and stands as a great example of trying to approach the issue of sexuality with both truth and grace
If you would like to read a short comment to the Court’s decision by a Swedish lawyer, please, check my blog post here.
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