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The Media giving aid to the enemy
I am astounded that the main stream media is so stupid as to run this story on an active investigation into several terrorists in Australia. (News Ltd also ran the same story). In this story they tell us that
The Australian understands a command post has been established in Sydney to monitor the men, one of whom has been linked to the outlawed terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba.A parallel operation is under way in Melbourne and it is believed raids are imminent on the properties of the six suspects, even though it would not necessarily lead to arrests.
News Ltd (the same journalists) adds that
Anti-terror police are waiting for approval from the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions before swooping on the group.
Could the Media be any more stupid? We might as well tell the bad guys that they are being watched and the police are about to swoop in and grab them. Could it be that they just disappear and start plotting somewhere else?

Sharing intelligence with your enemy is considered bad form. Even treason by some.
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