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Media and Evolutionists Spin Kansas Standards
I mentioned last week that evolutionists were up in arms over Kansas changing the definition of science in its science standards. Well, Evolution News and Views has a definitive list of every US states definition of science so you can see just how unobjective this spin really is. It seems Kansas' new definition is inline with every state that actually has a definition of science.

PZ Meyers, of Panda's Thumb fame, had this to say about the changing standards.
Rewriting the definition of science seems a rather presumptuous thing for a school board to do, I think, especially when their new definition is something contrary to what working scientists and major scientific organizations say is science. As for removing the limitation to natural phenomena, what do they propose to add? Ghosts, intuition, divine revelation, telepathic communications from Venusians? It's simply insane.
No wonder people like Scott Adams, Dilbert creator, are having trouble finding credible people to defend evolution (or ID). Ironically, many of the commentators on his blog think that he should 'read Richard Dawkins' as if Dawkins was credible.
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