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Evolution has no clothes
Creation safari's is reporting on a book review by Douglas H. Erwin that appeared in Cell. The book is titled "The Plausibility of Life: Resolving Darwin’s Dilemma". Harvard Medical School trumpeted it saying that it "explains how evolution really works, rebuts intelligent design". It seems Douglas disagrees. The key quote from cell is
The generation of morphological variants is a critical issue, and several of these book authors have raised important questions and proposed new viewpoints. But the generation of variation is only the beginning of the problem of evolutionary novelty. Novel phenotypes succeed or fail based on their ecological relationships with other organisms and with the physical environment. This ecological dimension is conspicuously lacking in these books, yet we cannot really understand novelty without it. In particular, evolutionary biologists need to address such issues as how phenotypic “space” expands, how new niches are constructed, and related ecological events.

Wow. Even though Erwin believes that evolution by common descent is true, here he is saying that questions still remain as to evolutions ability to create morphological variants/novel phenotypes (i.e. new features). They are still dealing with this central question after how many years?

Consider this next time you hear someone saying that 'evolution is a fact'
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