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The Disgusting Police
9 Australian's were arrested in Bali for smuggling drugs in April 2005. Now it comes to light that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) gave the Indonesian's a tip that
There is a group of people suspected of importing narcotics, from Bali to Australia, by employing people who will individually carry body packs tied to their legs and backs...If there is a suspicion that... the couriers are carrying the illegal narcotics at the time of their departure, please take whatever action that you consider necessary...

And we find the mother of one of the 'teenagers' (he's 19 - over the age of being considered an adult) is disgusted by the AFP's behaviour. The mother said
The inaction of not warning our son, contrary to our request in Australia, shows a callous disregard for the life of an immature, untravelled Australian citizen,

So should we be warning people now that their international drug smuggling has been noticed? With all the Schapelle Corby publicity, the guy should have realised that he could face the death penalty for doing such actions. Yet somehow, the AFP are 'disgusting' for helping people to catch drug smugglers.

Note that many papers are also highlighting that
the guidelines that exist between Australian Police and Indonesian Police on what they're entitled to do or what assistance they're entitled or obliged to give Indonesia, and they argue that there are provisions that say Australian Federal Police or the Government should refuse information if involves the case leading to the death penalty.
I have to ask. Does this cover the situation if Australian's are going to be involved terrorist acts against Indonesia? Should we also not share information in that case?
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