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Death by multiculturalism
Like most people, I have been watching with a horrified fascination as rioting in Paris has continued unchecked for well over a week now. When the capital of a western country, in spite of its social security and universal health care, can explode into violence and be seemingly unable to do anything about it should give everyone a great cause for concern. That The Australian compares the conditions in France to Gaza is actually throwing a bad light on Gaza more than France.

My first thoughts on the rioting was that it was nothing to worry about. French authorities would soon restore order and people in other countries don't need to worry about it happening there. Yet the riots have continued to grow and spiral out of control. More reading has since sullied that optimistic outlook. This latest report by the Australian highlights that the rioters aren't just an unorganised mob of angry out of control people, but are comprised of smaller groups of people who do attack and fade type actions. A recent discovery of a fuel bomb factory adds weight to the idea that these 'rioters' are an organised group of people acting in much the same way as islamic terrorists, yet in much greater numbers.

Mark Steyn has an article on how this sort of thing was just waiting to happen and how it is a problem that most of Europe needs to deal with. Fox news reports how Muslim immigrants in Sweden are causing major problems with increased violence against civil servants such as police and fire-fighters, even when they are trying to help the community. Strategy Page also reports riots by Muslim immigrants in Denmark and Britain. The American Thinker also highlights the lack of coverage of the problems in Denmark. Clearly, the problem in Europe is reaching a critical point well before the 2050 figure that the CIA recently put out.

Even closer to home however an article by Tim Priest, a retired police officer from New South Wales, Australia on the Rise of middle-eastern crime in Australia. Although written in 2004, Tim highlights how the situation in some NSW areas are already no-go zones, much like there were in Paris, France and provides some little known details about the situation in Paris before the riots.
MANY OF YOU would have heard of the horrific problems in France with the outbreak of unprecedented crimes amongst an estimated five million Muslim immigrants. Middle Eastern males now make up 45,000 of the 90,000 inmates in French prisons. There are no-go areas in Paris for police and citizens alike. The rule of law has broken down so badly that when police went to one of these areas recently to round up three Islamic terrorists, they went in armoured vehicles, with heavy weaponry and over 1000 armed officers, just to arrest a few suspects. Why did it need such numbers? Because the threat of terrorist reprisal was minimal compared to the anticipated revolt by thousands of Middle Eastern and North African residents who have no respect for the rule of law in France and consider intrusions by police and authority a declaration of war.

The problems in Paris in Muslim communities are being replicated here in Sydney at an alarming rate. Paris has seen an explosion of rapes committed by Middle Eastern males on French women in the past fifteen years. The rapes are almost identical to those in Sydney. They are not only committed for sexual gratification but also with deep racial undertones along with threats of violence and retribution. What is more alarming is the identical reaction by some sections of the media and criminologists in France of downplaying the significance of race as an issue and even ganging up on those people who try to draw attention to the widening gulf between Middle Eastern youth and the rest of French society.

That is what we are seeing here. The usual suspects come out of their institutions and libraries to downplay and even cover up the growing problem of Middle Eastern crime. Why? My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that these same social engineers have attempted to redefine our society. They have experimented with all manner of institutions, from prisons to mental institutions and recently to policing.
Perhaps we should be asking tougher questions of our governments, both state and federal, about how they are dealing with this threat. Clearly we need to be proactive, otherwise we risk the death of western culture happening here as it seems destined to happen in Europe. A death caused by multiculturalism and 'progressive blindess'.
Multiculturalism is a warm fuzzy which doesn't actually describe the source of the problems at hand in France or in Sydney.

The source of the problems is not multiculturalism per se, so much as it is the way that these young people are left idle to fester. America has a large hispanic migrant underclass who are nowhere near as violent as this, mostly because they are all busy at work building houses, waiting tables and doing other jobs at or below the official American minimum wage.

By contrast, these kids in Paris (and a lot of migrant kids all over the Europe's social democracies) are sitting on welfare and are actually locked out of the labour market thanks to high minimum wages and rigid workforce regulations that discourage employers from taking even the most minimal of risks in hiring. If employers in France tried to give these kids employment, but at below the minimum wage or off the official books (like employers do for hispanics in the US), then they would be shut down and accused of "exploiting" these migrants.
Joel, sorry, but there is a severe crime problem in the U.S. with the wave of illegal Hispanic immigration. You cannot expect people who break one law of the country to have any respect for the other laws. By default, anyone in the U.S. illegally has already broken the law. Companies hiring them should suffer the consequences.

With regards to the riots happening all over Europe, the rioters keeps telling the police, et. al. to stay out. This is their territory. Giving them jobs isn't going to solve anything because they don't want to be part of society. They want an Islamic society.

Multiculturalism is simply the belief that all cultures are equal and at their core want the same things. Such a view defies human experience and reality. However, it has lead the West to this current crisis where it no longer thinks of itself as more worthy to exist than any other culture.
I like your definition of multiculturalism Chris.

I think respect for the law of the land comes from having a common ground, most often in culture, with those who set the laws. Once that common ground is removed, all that is left is the threat of the law. What we are seeing in France is that 300 towns now have rioting because the threat of the law has been seen as a paper tiger due to the poor response to the initial riots.

In some ways, the hispanic's are not as far from US culture than islam is from western culture, and so I doubt the problem is as severe. I know very little about the intricacies of american society, but I do know that many people are worried about the illegal immigrant problem.


The illegal (overwhelmingly Hispanic) immigration problem in the U.S. revolves around several issues. Security is a significant one since it's obvious we are controlling the borders. Economics is another one because the mass influx of cheap, unskilled labor depresses wages for everyone and stifles innovation. Finally, it's causing a cultural problem with more and more Hispanics being unwilling to learn English. Most Americans realize that not having a common culture through language, religion, worldview, etc. is harmful to the country. The problem is that the elites (for various reasons) are determined to erase culture and create a borderless utopia. Of course, it will result in a nightmarish hell if allowed to continue.

Once that common ground is removed, all that is left is the threat of the law.

I am currently reading a book that comes to the same conclusion. Although he describes religion as myth (as a Christian I don't hold to that :-) ), he points out that such myths are what hold a society together. Without them, i.e. secularlism, a society either collapses or is held together by brute force.
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