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The Campaign Against Christianity Continues in Victoria
The Herald Sun has reported that a Victorian Church run charity has be forced to not make christian faith a prerequisite for employment. In an astoundingly open attack on religious freedom a tribunal has refused the charities request for a religious exemption to the equal opportunity laws because could benefit from employees with "a diversity of beliefs".

The really blatant line is that
Deputy tribunal president Cate McKenzie ruled the charity's power to run community care programs "are not affected by the faiths or religious views of the association's employees".
It seems Ms McKenzie doesn't believe that a persons religious beliefs have anything to do with how they interact with other people. I would have to ask where she gets this idea from? If it is just a personal belief, then why is she forcing her beliefs on others and why is her personal belief affecting her decisions when she feels that other peoples personal beliefs won't affect theirs?

Clearly, more and more of this sort of attack on religion will happen. We need to make sure that we stand up for our rights.
There's a similar story in the USA in which a court ruled that a Catholic school could not discipline a teacher for immoral behavior. This is exactly what the 1st Amendment to our constitution was supposed to protect against - government intrusion into religion. Instead, it's being used to remove Christianity from public awareness.
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