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Blinded by the Atheistic Dogma
The beliefs we hold about the nature of man and the universe color how we interpret our observations. When these beliefs are held with unquestionable faith, the result is almost always a case of begging the question. (Assuming what you set out to prove)

A case in point is a new 'documentary' where Richard Dawkins attempts to show that religion is the root of all the worlds evil. You see, in Dawkins mind, atheism is unquestionably true (You have to wonder how he can know this, as it is a case of proving a negative, and so he would have to be omniscient to know it). If atheism is true, then as communist and secular humanist doctrine would put it, then religious belief is holding everyone back from a true understanding of human nature which would enable us to evolve into perfect beings living in a utopia.

I find it thoroughly amazing that any educated person could make such a claim as Dawkins is attempting to make. Any brief look at the history of the last century can uncover the brutal crimes of atheism by Stalin, Lenin and Mao. It can show the vast increase in crimes as secular humanist ideas like moral relativism have taken hold. Note that this doesn't mean that atheism is the root of all evil in the world, just that it impossible to assert that religion is the root of all evil. Of course, it seems that Dawkins is unable to show a nuanced approach and instead of objectivity, he seems far more intent on attempting to spread his own metaphysical (i.e. religious) ideas. The problem is that Dawkins believes atheism is unquestionably true, and so belief in the supernatural must automatically be classified as harmful.

I highlighted another case a whilst back, where Gregory Paul released a 'study' that supposedly showed a correlation between negative social indicators and religious belief. This was yet another case of an evangelical secular humanist trying to convince the unwary. Of course to Gregory, religion MUST be bad because it is false. Well, it seems that the lads over at Verum Serum have done a little bit of research into the data that Gregory left out, and it seems he has indeed manipulated his data to reach his predetermined conclusion.
Thanks very much for the link to Verum Serum. When I first read Gregory's article I chased up his data sources and thought that there was nothing there to give anyone confidence in the generalisability of his conclusions but my training in statistics stopped before we got to regression analysis and correlation coefficients. It's nice to know that people who know are as unimpressed as I was.
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