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The Autumn of the Evolutionary Tree
I recently posted about how the reptile phylogenic (i.e. based on physical characteristics) tree has just been excessively redrawn due to DNA studies. Well another study that has just been released also shows that the evolutionary tree is losing its leaves.

The study, announced on Science Daily boldly proclaims that 'The Earliest Animals had Human-Like Genes'. Reading the fine print is always advisable however, as the findings cast more doubt on Common Descent Evolution (CDE) than support it. What the researchers found was that when looking at Introns (Sections of DNA that are ignored when creating protiens) human DNA has a lot more (Including the number of introns and their placement) in common with a species of worms which was thought to be a living fossil, than flies. As the news release noted, this was the complete opposite of evolutionary expectations. The authors explain this away by claiming that the rate of evolution is very different for different species. Just another example of proping up the plastic and dodgey phylogenic tree with more ad hoc explanations.

It is also notable that evolutionists are now starting to claim that information loss has a lot to do with evolution (something creation scientists have been saying for ages).

I'll leave you with a quite from the authors which is sounding eerily like a creation scientist comment.
Now we have direct evidence that genes were already quite complex in the first animals, and many invertebrates have reduced part of this complexity.

Complex first life, and downward evolution? ...who said creation science predictions don't come true

(HT: Creation Safaris)
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