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Attack of the non-credible evolutionists
It seems more and more people are beginning to realise that many evolutionists are not credible due to their biased and often vitriolic diatribes. Jonathan Witt has more on the Scott Adams situation with a lot of good links. One of the last links deserves a special mention. It is to Dean's world, where atheist Dean has discovered just how emotionally attached many evolutionists are to their pet theory. One paragraph is worth reproducing here
The ID theorists often claim they can't get published in peer reviewed journals because intolerant members of the establishment won't even let them raise certain questions or make certain suggestions. I used to think that was probably just self-serving whining. I thought the case of Richard Sternberg was disturbing but probably an aberration. Now after all the dishonest abuse I've received, and seen others receive, I begin to wonder if his story, as well as the stories told by people like Caroline Crocker and Guillermo Gonzalez, are actually typical. I fully credit people like Richard Bennett and P.Z. Myers for making me think so.
It seems that evolutionists are their own worst enemy and people are starting to see them for the religious fanatics they are.
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