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Science - The web of long ages
Science Daily is reporting that a 20 Million Year old spider fossil has 2 droplets of preserved blood. Of course, no question has been asked about how blood could survive 20 million years. The last thing that an evolutionist can do is question long ages, no matter how shattering the evidence before them.

The scientists involved are hopeful that they can get DNA from the blood. Which brings me to my latest prediction. I predict that in the near future (5 to 10 years) that scientists will find DNA from a fossil at least 5 million years old. They will sequence the DNA and compare it to a living example of the same species and find that no appreciable mutation/evolution has taken place.

The scientists will then continue on their evolutionary way as if nothing has happened, thus proving how empty evolutionary theory really is.
Alan, great prediction. It appears that there is no evidence that can shatter the long-age, Darwinian paradigm.

A theory about change in which nothing changes over "millions" of years is a pretty useless theory.
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