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Jonathan Wells has a great reply to Jerry Coyne's comments on Intelligent Design (ID) and Dover. It's well worth reading the whole thing to see just how often evolutionists like Coyne don't deal with what ID really says or the true status of evidence for evolution.

In an interesting twist, people are bringing suit against a federally funded website for endorsing religion, by asking teachers to use religion to encourage belief in evolution or even the compatibility of religion and evolution.

A new fossil is possibly rewriting the dino-bird history. Ignoring contrary evidence, the scientists involved think it may imply feathered flight evolved convergently a couple of times. Let the story telling pseudoscience begin! Creation Safaris has more on the topic.

The Guardian has a review of Robert Winston's new book 'The Story of God'. Of course, don't expect an unbiased article or book. Even though the article says that Winston is "pondering the biggest question of all", really all he is doing is making an irrational assumption that God doesn't exist and then trying to explain the data to fit his conclusion. Other clearly laughable comments abound, such as "They studied certain fringe religious groups, such as fundamentalist Baptists, Pentecostalists and the snake-handlers of West Virginia, to see if they showed the particular type of psychopathology associated with mental illness." and also struggle to explain the obvious benefits of truly religious people.

Dark matter may not exist.
Scientists now think that dark matter may not be necessary to explain the rotation and orbits of galaxies. Of course, creationists have been saying that Dark matter didn't exist for years. Another successful prediction?

More evidence of an abortion/breast cancer link from China. Maybe someday the pro-abortion crowd will stop trying to suppress this knowledge.
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