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Double standards of evolutionists
Mike Gene at Telic Thoughts has an interesting imaginery exchange between a Scholar and a student on the streets. Mike notes that the universities rushing to distance themselves from Intelligent Design because a professor at their university support ID are guilty of double standards because they do not also make the same effort to distance themselves from other comments they also think are false or misleading. In this case Dr Provine's comments about how most evolutionary biologists are atheists and evolution has clear implications that no God worth having exists.
Scholar: Look, I do not agree with Dr. Provine’s statement nor does Dr. Provine speak for most scientists.

Streetperson: Then why don’t you have a petition to show me? You said it was important for faculty at ISU and LeHigh to issue public statements distancing themselves from controversial positions because of a potential impression that may arise. But here we have real-world impressions that do exist and that are being propped up by a colleague at your own school.
One of the commentors to the post also points out another contradiction.

When evolutionists argue that evolution and religion are compatible, then explain how the scientific progress of the past has gotten rid of ideas about how God causes things like rain and thunder or Atlas holds the world on his back, they clearly contradict themselves.

I wonder how many other double standards and contradictions there are out there.
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