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Cosmology - Inflation falsified
Scientists have found no evidence for gravitational lensing, which was a direct prediction of the inflation hypothesis. The inflation hypothesis was created to explain how the cosmic background radiation (CBR) could be uniform in a universe that is too young for light to travel the universes span (Which is required to get the uniform CBR).

As at this point, this should cast serious doubt on the CBR supporting the big bang hypotheis, yet I assume most scientists will simply continue to accept big bang, whilst trying to fit some other hypothesis into it to explain the uniformity of the CBR. I was say that this will force the changing speed of light hypothesis to gain supporters.

Of course, as always, there is always the chance that the gravitational lensing will found to be 'not necessary' for inflation, due to error or assumption. It is also possible that this study will be shown to be flawed. But, at this time, it certainly casts great doubt on inflation, and therefore big bang theory.
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