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Another Dating Method Bites the Cosmic Dust
Creation safari's has reported that the 'age old' of dating planets by the number of craters has taken a serious blow. It seems that the impact of a bit meteorite can cause a whole lot of secondary impact craters as well. From the post
As a result, they conclude that “any attempt” to age-date surfaces or characterize the population of impactors may suffer “a significant and perhaps uncorrectable bias” due to the contribution from secondaries. They ended with that case of the single Martian impact that generated 10 million secondaries from 10 to 100 meters in diameter.

Just another example of the faulty assumption of long ages causing problems when we start to understand a bit more about the universe. How hard can it be to work out that their long ages are based on questionable assumptions? After all, it isn't rocket science.
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