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Abortion - Government funding changes
It is quite possible that the Australian Government is moving to stop medicare funding of abortions. A recent bill, title the Health Leglisation Amendment Bill 2005 (search for it in the pdf) has a stated purpose to
clarify the scope of the power to make Medicare Tables; and enable
the Minister to make legislative instruments determining that Medicare benefits are not
payable for professional services in specified circumstances.

Whilst this certainly seems to enable the stopping of medicare funding for abortion, it does not necessarily mean it will.

I hope the government does stop medicare funding of abortions of convenience, as not only are these abortions killing an innocent, the government has been asking for us to pay for others being able to do so.

Of course, some people are getting very concerned about the possibility of no longer having the general public pay for peoples abortions. I like how the author of this article complains
What is not reasonable is the imposition of the Health Minister's ideological point of view on this or any other issue, by “legislative instrument”, without proper public awareness and the necessary debate.
You mean like the judiciary deciding the issue had the proper public awareness or necessary debate? Please. She is just upset because someone who thinks differently to her view is getting to callt he shots.
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