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Science - Gay penguin goes straight
A set of gay penguins that has often been used to defend homosexuality as a morally neutral choice have now thrown all of that posturing into chaos by having one of them give up the gay lifestyle.

I guess he chose a different much for all the genetics claims.

Worldnet daily's conclusion is well worth the read
Six years ago, when Roy and Silo became an item, reports began coming in from around the world about "gay" animals at zoos. Books are now being published by homosexual scientists about "gay" animals in "all species." Activists actually use this as a prime talking point in debates on same-sex "marriage." Conveniently, they decline to derive lessons for humans from other animal behaviors, such as incest, cannibalism and, well, the Law of the Jungle.

I'm not sure where the penguin tale goes from here, but I can guarantee one thing: Silo, and probably Roy, will be dropped from the media "A" list faster than you can swallow a smelt.

You would think people would remember not to work with children and animals.
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