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Science - Evolution stops progress
The history of science is the history of inferring new knowledge and entities from observations and existing knowledge, and then testing to see if the inference is accurate. What has just occured to me however is that some of the arguments I have seen against ID by evolutionists imply that any inference to new knowledge or entities is invalid.

Take this comment by poster GCT over at a He Lives thread of which I was participating.
Forensics and Archaeology are the search for intelligent causes THAT WE KNOW OF. We are looking for things that in which we already know the identity of the designer. SETI looks for things that are close enough to human design that we can infer that the signal in question was similarly designed. Now, enter ID. ID refuses to say anything about the designer. Since we can't know anything about the designer, how can we divine if anything was designed by this designer or not? The reason they can't say anything about the designer is that the designer is supernatural, and would therefore betray the fact that ID is religiously based and therefore not science and not allowed in schools.
There are a couple of things to note about this comment..
1) ID does say something about the designer...that they have intelligence. That is the whole point.
2) By trying to limit science to not be able to infer to new or unknown entities, we are stopping the progress of science.
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