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Science - Big Bang Headaches
Many months ago in a discussion with David Heddle here and at his blog, he said in the comments of this post that
There are enormous, insurmountable problems with Humphrey's white-hole model. Among them, but not the only problem by any means, is that in Humphrey's model the farther we look into the universe, the older it should appear.
More evidence continues to come in of very old structures at the edge of the universe. This casts serious doubt on the Big Bang theory and would seem to support the prediction of Humphrey's White Hole Model.

From the article
"These observations will demand a profound reassessment of our theories of the formation and evolution of galaxies in a changing Universe", says Gianpaolo Vettolani, the other co-leader of the VVDS project, working at INAF-IRA in Bologna (Italy).
My guess is the 'profound reassessment' will never call into question the big bang.
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