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I am on holidays from today and so I doubt there will be any posts for the next week.

As a parting gift, here are a couple of links that might interest.

FIRE comes to rescue a professor from the leftist thought police.

The corner points out the hypocrisy of those on the left who want to invoke stare decisis only in cases where they support the ruling.

The LA Times shows that the current legal standing of abortion in america was not the intention of the judges in Roe Vs Wade.

The Christian Mind has comments on some letters to Newsweek over their spiritualtiy feature. Check out the irrationality and bigotry of some of the letters.

Boundless is commenting on the pervalance and acceptance of 'female porn'. Those chick flicks and romance novels which badly mangle expectations of men (much like that which is complained of male pornography). It is worth thinking about at least.

Creation Safari's reviews recent 'advances' in the problem of the origin of life and highlights how there is nothing change the impossibility of life from non-life.

Joe Carter has a thought provoking post on whether the words 'under god' and 'in god we trust' in the US pledge of allegiance and on their currency have any real christian meaning.
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