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War - Why do we fight?
I came accross two articles today which together remind us of the purpose, honour and valor of our troops in iraq. The first, by Michael Yon, is an eye witness report of an operation in Mosul where a well loved military leader is wounded in the line of duty. Ltc Kurilla is a hero. A hero with courage, honour and grace. He leads his men with everything he has to offer, and it is inspiring and comforting to know there are people like him left in the world. From the article
Kurilla was running when he was shot, but he didn't seem to miss a stride; he did a crazy judo roll and came up shooting.

BamBamBamBam! Bullets were hitting all around Kurilla. The young 2nd lieutenant and specialist were the only two soldiers near. Neither had real combat experience. AH had no weapon. I had a camera.

Seconds count.

Kurilla, though dowm and unable to move, was fighting and firing, yelling at the two young soldiers to get in there; but they hesitated. BamBamBamBam!
Read the whole thing, then read this satirical article by Scott Ott, where he envisages a leaked response to Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war protestor who is using her sons death in Iraq to forward her own cause.
Casey Sheehan died that freedom might triumph over bondage, hope over despair, prosperity over misery. He died restoring justice and mercy. He lived and died to help to destroy the last stubborn vestiges of the Dark Ages.

To paraphrase President Lincoln, the world will little note nor long remember what you and I say here. But it can never forget what Casey Sheehan did during his brief turn on earth. If we are wise, we will take increased devotion to that cause for which he gave the last full measure of devotion.

Our brave warriors have blazed a trail. They have entrusted the completion of the task to those of us they left behind. Let's, you and I, resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain.
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