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Truth - Twisting and revising
Too many people let their agenda set their conclusions. They twist the truth in order to try and match what they want reality to be and so do a disservice to everyone. Whether it is revising history, only looking far enough to support your case or using self-serving or inconsistent reasoning we need to take a long hard look at ourselves and others arguments and get back to seeking to find the truth, not rework the truth to match our own ideas.

Over the past few days there have been many examples of people who care more about their own agenda than the truth. Here are just a few.

The Life Training Institute points out that pro-abortionists arguing that Roe versus Wade is settled law and so shouldn't be changed is inconsistent. This is because Roe versus Wade itself changed settled law. Using the same criteria that the pro-abortionists have put forward, Roe versus Wade was wrong.

So often, the homosexual lobby and it's supporters argue that homosexuality is genetic (or these days, at least significantly genetic), yet others argue that sexuality is socially constructed. It seems it doesn't matter whether it is genetic or not, everyone just seems to want to make it okay.

George Bush has recently stated he thinks people should be exposed to the different ideas in science, when questioned as to whether Intelligent Design should be taught in schools. At the same time he made it quite clear that school curriculum is a local issue. Of course, this has sent evolutionist clergy into a frenzy where we get people woefully ignorant of history saying stupid things like this
If it were up to you Mr. President and the right wing idiotarians who are pushing this “theory” humans would still believe that the earth was the center of the universe and that stars were fixed in the sky in a series of crystal spheres. That’s what the overwhelming majority of people believed as recently as 500 years ago.
Someone should tell our flustered friend that if it wasn't for committed Christians, science would never have even got started and the 'dumb' ideas that he whines about here would never have been shown to be wrong. What is even more startling is that evolutionists only want their scientific community to decide what gets taught. Even though there are many scientists, but still a small minority that disagree with evolution, or major portions of evolution, it doesn't seem to dawn on them that scientists disagree with them, quite a few of them are non-religious. If 'scientists' are the ones who decide what is taught in science, then why should only those scientists who believe in evolution get to decide? It is just a pitifully transparent attempt to keep the evolutionary indoctrination program flowing by pretending that only their scientists are really 'scientists'.

Also of note is Panda's Thumb which links to many people on the topic, referring to them as 'mostly on the informed side'. Of course, the only Pro-ID person they link, Krauze at Telic Thoughts to is hostile to President Bush's statement. Suprisingly, Krauze gets it horribly wrong when he makes a bad assumption
The brief quotations doesn’t allow us to determine Bush’s position with certainty, but since he compares the situation with the creationist legislation of the 80’s, it’s a fair interpretation that what he has in mind is to make it mandatory for teachers to teach about ID in a way that makes it appear to be of “equal standing with the theory of evolution”.
Actually, if you look at the transcript, President Bush says earlier in the discussion says "Then, I said that, first of all, that decision should be made to local school districts, but I felt like both sides ought to be properly taught." So President Bush is not about making anything mandatory.

Update: Link to Bush transcript fixed. Krauze has also commented further on the issue of Bush's statements on the teaching ID in schools here. Bipod, also over at Telic Thoughts also has a couple of posts commenting on the respectabilty of the ID idea, and the rhetorical rubbish people use when trying to dismiss ID. Both of these are well worth your time
Hi Alan,

You might want to fix your link to the transcript. Looks like some broken code.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts. Keep an eye on Telic Thoughts, as I might post an update later.
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The trouble with relying on reporters
The concept of "settled law" has many problems as you and LTI point out. The main problem I have is that so-called "settled law" was not passed by a legislative body.
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