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An Australian Abortionist has been charged with manslaughter for a negligent induced late term abortion and a Portland victim of coerced abortion has received an out of court settlement from the abortion clinic in question.

Dr R Spencer has a good article summing up problems with evolution over at tech central station.

The Biblical Pool of Siloam has been uncovered. Just another example of the secular community dismissing biblical history and then being shown to be wrong when the Bible turns out right. Creation Safaris has more on this and other recent finds of biblical note.

There is a long article/interview with Michael Ruse, evolutionist philosopher of science, which is well worth reading. Much is said of evolutionists who argue that science must be agnostic or atheistic and how that is a religious position. In commenting on this article, a commenter at Pharyngula notices with horror how the current loose interpretation of the seperation of church and state (i.e. the establishment clause that has been mangled into this wall of seperation idea) would imply that nothing could be taught in class as there are no religiously neutral facts. Of course, rather than being consistent or reworking the current interpretation of seperation of church and state, the poster seems to think that science should be exempt.
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