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Life Site reports that a Brazillian Priest was Fined $3000 For Calling a pro abortion Anthropologist "Pro-Abortion". And here I thought there was supposedly nothing wrong with being 'pro-abortion'?

The Media rewrites reality to give a bad spin on the US Military. I know....what a suprise. Of course, this is a great idea...contacting media sources and double checking what was said.

The recent Kelo decision in the US puts church property at risk. Part of the justification of the Kelo decision was about earning tax revenue for the state. Churches, with all their prime real estate, do not earn any tax revenue for the state. Scary stuff.

Mother thinks her 15 yr old daughter sleeping in the same bed with a sex offender is okay? She should have her motherhood license revoked! Such is the moral malaise of todays society.

A UK hospital continues to fight for the right to let a child die against their parents wishes, even though the child's health is improving and beating all the doctors expectations.
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