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Philosophy - Correspondence and Truth
I generally adhere to the correspondence theory of truth. That is essentially:- a statement is true if it corresponds to reality.

When it comes to differing worldviews, I think much can be said for the truth status of a worldview if people living consistently with that worldviews beliefs have a more fulfilling and contented life. That is, the closer a worldview comes to the truth (i.e. getting correct the questions about why we live and how we should live), the more likely it is that those who live consistently with that worldview will lead a 'better' life.

Also, if a worldview does not correspond well reality, then not only will its adherents have worse lives, but they will also find themselves unable to live consistently with that worldview, much in the same way as a person who sincerely believes he will not fall if he steps off a cliff will have trouble acting consistently with that belief. Reality gets in the way of such beliefs.

Sometime over the next couple of days, I want to look at some of the statistics and studies that have been done in order to evaluate which worldviews seem to help people live a better, more fulfilling life.
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