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Morality - All Cultures are not equal
A child rapist who beat a 14 year old girl and imprisoned her gets 1 month in prison. Why only 1 month? Well the judged decided the crime was not so bad because
The teenager had been promised to him as a wife, according to Aboriginal law, when she was four. After rumours in the community that the teenager might have had sex with her boyfriend, the man hit her with a boomerang and had sex with her.
We need to start teaching our lawyes and judges logic. This is absurd and offensive. By reasoning that somehow his aboriginal culture and law absolves him of some culpability you must also say that Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot weren't so bad because it was just their 'culture'. Tell that to the 170 million dead people.

But notice also, the article doesn't condemn the arranged marriage. What is even more suprising is that until 2003, the NT allowed arranged marriages for aboriginals. From the article
The controversy comes after the Territory Government in 2003 changed the law to remove promised marriage in traditional Aboriginal law as a defence against unlawful sex offences, including sex with underage children.

The laws prompted angry criticism at the time by former Northern Land Council chairman Galarrwuy Yunupingu, who accused the Territory Government of interfering in indigenous culture.
How dare we interfer with child rape and forced marriage? What a load of multiculturalist, relativistic clap trap. Children deserve to be protected. Rubbish such as this needs to be strongly condemned, but watch the secular humanist left squeal if people do condemn it. Their damaging ideal of multiculturalism and moral relativism is more cherished to them than human rights. Remember that next time they try and push their agenda by talking about human rights.
There is a time to interfere, and a time to step back. Takes a wise person to know the difference.
The time to interfere is now it is the worst example of racism to know that women and children are being abused and to do nothing because they are in indigenous communities .

I write about it here
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