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Light to no blogging
I am away speaking at a school for the next couple of days, so there will be little to no blogging till thursday.

In the meantime, be sure to check out this great article called 'The Women of Roe vs Wade' by Mary Ann Glendon. It contains a lot of interesting insight and information into the Roe and Doe supreme court cases and is well worth reading to gain greater understanding of the abortion issue. From the article
When I have explained the extreme permissiveness of American abortion law to people, one of the most common reactions is: “That can’t be right.” I’ve found that most people—including many law professors—have a great deal of difficulty wrapping their minds around the idea that the Court would permit the intentional destruction of a healthy infant who was capable of living outside his or her mother’s body, when the mother’s health (in the ordinary meaning of that word) is not in serious danger.

Read the whole thing and remember that the more we discuss this in our culture the more likely that convenience abortion can be confined to the dust bin of history.

(HT: Stand To Reason)
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