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Life - Who gets to live
Recently, Dr James Dobson compared embryonic stem cell research as essentially equivalant with the Nazi medical researchers who experimented on live patients. He has come under a lot criticism for this comment (not to mention he is invoking godwin's law), but Steve Wagner at Stand To Reason shows quite clearly that Dobson's comments are right on the mark.

Ultimately, the abortion/embryonic stem cell debate comes down to who your define in the class of human's meriting the right to life. If you have use any definition other than being a living member of homo sapiens, then you are drawing a subjective line. There is no way to differentiate between your opinion and someone else's subjective line. It is a curiosity of the Abortion/ESC debate that it is the non-religious that are trying to use metaphysical notions of 'personhood' to decide who is valuable and the christians and conservatives who are using a simple scientific point.

So if this is case, then why do we continue to let people complain that pro-life people are simply expressing a religious point of view?
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