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Intelligent Design roundup
USA Today has 2 pieces about the Intelligent Design (ID) vs Evolution Debate. Giving equal time to each side. Guess which one talks about actual science more.

Johnathan Witt has a great response to all the hysteria that has been going on since President Bush endorsed 'teaching the controversy'. Johnathan argues the response is consistent with a scientific paradigm in crisis because it is trying to use rhetoric and force instead of science to protect itself.

Australia's education minister, Brendan Nelson, apparently has no problem with teaching ID in class, as long as the majority of parents are keen. Wow...someone talking about democratic rights. The elitist darwinist minority must be a little nervous.

Answers in Genesis has an article today about a PhD Scientist who believes in a young earth (I thought no scientists believed that? /sarcasm)speaking to science teachers.

Creation Safaris has a good article about the Anthropic Principle and how some atheists are squirming to avoid any obvious implications of ID. It is always interesting to see what lengths people will go to avoid a conclusion they don't like.
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