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Evolution - Religious Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design proponents are religous?
ROB BROOK (Senior Lecturer in evolutionary biology at the University of New South Wales): I think the fact that somebody has a PhD in science, or even works in a particular area of science, in itself isn't really acceptable evidence that something is scientific.

So from the point of view of Kenyon, I don't really know what is it that's motivating him, and I don't think that we're told publicly what it is that's motivating him, but a lot of the prime people in the intelligent design movement appear to have had religious conversions of some type or another.

They all seem to be people of deep religious faith, so one has to argue, is it their religious faith that's driving the agenda, or is it their science and the scientific process? And I'd say it's the former.

Someone should mention to Rob that if people looking at science decide that life couldn't have happened without an intelligent designer, then maybe that has led them to become religious? Perhaps it is the evidence that led to the conversions, not the other way around.

This is why so many people in the ID are religious, because the evidence demands you address the issue of who designed life. The identity may not be a question that science can address, but if we can detect design, then it has implications for our lives.

Note also the unsubtle reference to excluding PhD's who believe in ID from science/being scientists. It is good to see they still aren't addressing the arguements of the ID movement. (hmmm... is this a reflection of the same sort of burying heads in the sand that some christians did by claiming that 'God put the fossil's there to test us'?)
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