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Indoctrination in the classroom? Andrew Bolt has an informative piece in todays Australian highlighting not only the leftist bias in our educators unions, but also gives many examples of teachers deriding and marking down conservative students and pushing leftist agenda's in the classroom. Some of the examples from the article
"He has made such claims as 'supporters of the Liberal Party are uneducated' and that 'they are simply not smart enough to see that Labor is a better choice'."
"After I had listened to the first 20 mins of blatant propaganda about the effects of the UN sanctions and the appalling way in which the US had conducted the last war it came time for another member of the staff to stand up and preach to us about our duty as Catholics to oppose the war and to stand up for those poor Iraqis.

"As I walked out of the theatre among a nervous silence and looks of guilt I noticed posters pinned to the wall encouraging students to join in anti- war marches."
One wrote yesterday: "My eldest son was . . . attending a Victorian secondary college. In a class discussion the topic was 'The Stolen Generation' and whether we should say 'sorry'.

"My son expressed the view that he wasn't sorry for something that he had not done personally -- it was not received very well by the teacher. My son was kept after class until he agreed that his views were wrong and that he had changed his mind and would say 'sorry'.
There are many more.

Just remember, as tax-payers we are paying for teachers to indoctrinate children with ideas we don't agree with.
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