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Terror - London
I have received an email from a trusted friend who forwarded on an email they got on tuesday. From the email
Went into the city the other day to catch up with Chris and when I got off the train at Charing Cross (we were meeting at the London Eye) everyone was screaming and running towards the exit. I turned around to see what was going on and couldn't see anything so I watched it that general direction until the back carridge of the train I just got off EXPLODED.
Thats right exploded with a huge bang and massive red flames spewing out. I shat my pants then decided to run with everyone else. Cops and fire men came out of everywhere and the whole station was evacuated for a couple of hours. The strangest part is, that there has been NO mention of it at all in the news, tv or newspaper.
I think they are trying to hide it because the Oylmpic bid is on at the moment and the decision happens on Wednesday so this could hurt their campaigne.

My first thought is of course that this is a hoax, but my reliable friend has assured me they read this email on tuesday. If anyone knows someone in the general area of Charing Cross station, I would love to get in contact with them about this... No idea if it is real or not, but it is certainly worth investigating.

Update: More info in the email would place this explosion on the 2nd of july
sounds like a scam to me...
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