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Life - New Supreme court justice announced
George Bush has nominated Judge John G. Roberts Jr for the US Supreme court, replacing Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Roberts is a conservative with views that are apparently prolife or at least anti-Roe which is good news for the pro-life community. The court however needs at least one more liberal judge to retire and be replaced by a pro-life conservative in order to make a real difference to the status of abortion.

Not suprisingly, the pro-abortion organisations such as NARAL are gearing up to oppose the nomination and the usual double-speak is being used by liberals such as
"We're saddened that President Bush has chosen the politics of conflict and division over bipartisan consensus," said Wade Henderson, executive director of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights.
who seems to define the politics of conflict as anyone who doesn't roll over and capitulate if they disagree with his views.

One step closer to saving millions of we just need another liberal Supreme court justice to retire whilst the republicans hold the presidency.
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