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History – The ‘Progress’ of Secular Humanisation
Ever heard someone call themselves a ‘progressive’ and stop to think what they are trying to progress towards?

In the US in 1933, a group of intellectual ‘elites’ put together the first humanist manifesto, followed by the 2nd manifesto in 1973 and a third in 2000. These elites had decided that the time of traditional religion was over and that society needed to be remade into their image of a better society. They want to save us all from our outdated beliefs. This is their vision of progress.

70 Years later, let us review just where this ‘progress’ has taken us.
In the US in the 1950’s, after 20 years of Secular Humanist domination in education, a large shift took place that birthed the Sexual Revolution of the 60’s. Much of that shift was in casting Christianity as old, outdated and a mythology long past its used by date. If Christianity was false, then outdated Christian morals and virtues such as chastity, faithfulness and selflessness were also outdated. Since this great secular humanist enlightenment the US has seen the following effects…

This is the legacy that the secular humanist vision has progressed us towards. I am sure there a lot of other indicators that would also show such marked increases such as the rate of sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancies, the number of people in prison, prevalence of drug use, suicide and many others (Feel free to add any in comments that you know of). Clearly by their effects, the secular humanist ideas are horribly wrong, so next time someone tells you they are a progressive or secular humanist, make sure you ask them what we are progressing towards.
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