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Government - The US and Freedom from religion
The National Review has an excerpt from Senator Rick Sanatorium's book 'It Takes a family' on government and neutrality to religion which is well worth reading. From the excerpt
And what is more, I believe a convincing argument may be made that “liberal neutrality” is never really neutral. The practical effects of such a rule always have a disparate impact. We can see this in the Court’s school prayer decisions. The Court’s majority rulings have delved into the psychological effects of public prayer in schools for those youngsters who are not themselves religious: Would they not be subject to a kind of peer pressure that would violate their conscience? But the Court does not examine the flip side of their psychological investigation: What about religious youngsters who find themselves in a public school hermetically sealed off from all religious influences? Would not the school, and therefore the government, tacitly be communicating to religious youngsters that prayer, religion, and faith are not really welcome in America’s public square? That is where we have ended up: Court-sanctioned hostility to religious influence in American society, all in the name of neutrality.

Indeed. But also, consider the ramifications of the current US doctrine of seperation when coupled with the goals of many Secular Humanists towards Socialism. In a socialistic country, the people do not 'own' anything and so every use of property and land is state sponsored. In such a society, with the state unwilling to use public property for religious purposes (such as removing prayer from the schools, the ten commandments from court houses etc), then all religious events could be taken to be against the constitution.
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