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Evolution - Everything you thought you knew was wrong
Creation Safari reviews a recent article by Sean Carroll on the state of the Theory of Evolution and where current research should focus. Essentially, Carroll covers the current ideas for how evolution could have created people from pond scum and shows just how and why they are insufficient. He covers mutation, duplication and regulatory sequences and discusses the problems and issues with each. From the closing comments
If you thought Charlie had figured this all out 146 years ago, wake up and smell the bitter coffee. Here we have The Theory of Evolution, that rock-solid foundation for all of law, ethics, philosophy, art, science, education and even religion, so secure that no student in public school should ever be allowed to hear anything else, and now they tell us that everything you thought you knew about it was wrong, and the biologists have to start over.

It is worth reading the whole thing, but just a warning, there is a fair amount of scientific jargon involved and it is long.
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