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Science - Exercise less but harder
In a argument along the lines of more weights or more reps for wieght training, a recent study has found that doing a mere 6 minutes of high energy exercise a week is as good as doing 6 hours of lower intensity training. From the article
Just six minutes of intense exercise a week does as much to improve a person's fitness as a training regime based on six hours, research has found.

The two-minute workout, to be undertaken three times a week, requires cycling furiously in four 30-second bursts and guarantees the same overall fitness level as moderate training regime, with three two-hourly sessions.

It will be interesting to see if this study is repeated by others with the same results. Of course, this study did have a few short comings that should also be dealt with. A control group who does the initial and concluding tests, but no exercise in between would have been good (as the initial test was exercise itself), as would have doing the study on something other than simple bike riding (Cardiovascular fitness may be improved, but what about other types?).

It is interesting stuff of a slew of recent scientific findings that have been overturning conventional wisdom...Good thing scientists aren't dogmatic at all....Well, except for those evolutionists...
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