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Graeme Hunter at Right Reason looks at a response by Stephen Eric Bronner to a Pope Benedict XVI statement. I have to wonder whether Stephen has bothered to look at the history when he makes comments like 'The most durable democratic societies were created by nations that most self-consciously divided church from state and that refused to identify any private belief with the public good.'. Considering the framers of the US constitution used their 'private belief' about God and the nature of man in creating the form of the US, it is somewhat ironic to claim that they 'refued to identify any private belief with public good.'. Read the rest

Summit has a good article up on the often repeated claim of the New Testament being influenced by pagan religions. It is well worth your time.

Telic Thoughts links to a brilliant book review by Del Ratzsch (PDF) of Niall Shanks' 'God, the devil and darwin'. Okay, it is more like a dismantling, not a review, but Del makes some really important points, specifically responding to the oft heard anti-ID complaints of 'who designed the designer' (knowing who designed the designer is not required to make knowing something was designed useful) and 'ID is just creationism repackaged' (The founders of ID were not creationists). It is a long article, but contains a lot of great comment and insight.
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