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The Barna research group has a list of books that are influencing pastors these days. Consider how view are science, philosophy or apologetics based. More balance is required. (HT: Stand to Reason)

Steve Pavlina has a blog on personal development with lots of useful advice on such things as how to become an early riser and how to give up coffee (Yes, they are related). Steve writes from a secular perspective as far as I can tell, so when he talks about having a purpose, he sorely misses the point about purpose. (HT: Evangelical Outpost)

The fight over gay marriage is still hotting up. Lifesite has a slew of articles from around the world.

George Galloway, British politician has shown his support for and solidarity with anti-american and anti-british muslims in fine communist rhetoric. George is currently under investigation for participating in Saddams oil for food scam.

Scientists still have no clue about Quasars and still don't know how the apparent linkage between the quasars are other stars can be explained in light of the vastly different redshifts between the two.

In other astrological we don't have a clue type news, the Andromeda galaxy is apparently 3 times bigger in diameter than previously thought. THREE times. Scientists have also discovered a massive star cluster in our galaxy (200,000 stars) and have made a fantastic prediction that we can test in 40 million or so years. Way to go guys! Sure, we KNOW the galaxy is 15 billion years old...want to by some swamp land in the andromeda galaxy? It is going real cheap.
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